Fable – Shame

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This song practically binds your love for music and the genres of Electro Pop and Trip-Hop and there is a feeling that unearthly vibrations penetrated into the soul and no longer want to leave this condition for a minute. Extremely eccentric and memorable creation from -Fable-!”

“Эта песня практически привязывает вашу любовь к музыке и жанрам Electro Pop и Trip-Hop и возникает ощущение, будто неземные вибрации проникли в душу и уже не хочется покидать это состояние ни на минуту. Крайне эксцентричное и запоминающееся творение от -Fable-!”


Devon-born singer-songwriter Fable today announces her much anticipated debut album Shame, due on 20th May via Naim Records. The announcement comes accompanied by the release of the title track ‘Shame’, out now with a striking video directed by Matt Hutchings.


Driven on by a dynamic synth arpeggio and Fable’s spectral vocals, ‘Shame’ laments the state of the world and the uphill battle her generation faces, and is emphasised by a powerfully hyper-fake video that delves into themes of overconsumption, vanity and toxic media.

“Shame masquerades as a sleek pop song, but when you unpack the themes it’s uneasy in its skin. I wrote the synth arpeggio first and built the vocal around my beat and brought it to the studio where Jonas Persson and I turned into this sharp, melancholic pop track. It’s about the feeling of impending pressure in the modern world being met with ever increasing resistance to do anything differently.

“I think it’s really important that people take what they want from the video. Our generation needs to relate differently to our history than previous ones, as we try to reclaim our identity, separate from the one history has handed us. Working with my visual collaborator, Matt Hutchings, I wanted to broaden the scope a little more and ask some searching questions about the nature of shame and the state of society right now,” Fable explains

Having last year relaunched an impressive fledgling career that had already included performing at Glastonbury and collaborating with Orbital, Fable’s second coming has been met with enthusiasm from tastemakers, including NME, 6Music, CLASH and The Independent, notably for the trip hop and neo soul blending ‘Orbiting’, which has racked up over a million streams, and the emotionally introspective ‘Womb’. Signed to Naim Records, the label wing of the award-winning premium audio brand, and an ambassador for mental health charity My Black Dog, she has recorded a debut album of genre-fluid, searingly honest and darkly beautiful music that spans from urgent post punk to introspective electronica, whilst posing questions that are both timely and personal, yet timeless.

Reviewed by Nagamag on April 1, 2022