KYTES – Apricosa

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Remember that after the inclusion of this track, you will find yourself in the music captivity in -kytes-. IndietRonica mood is traced in each second; Whether it is the original melody or interesting and memorable vocal samples. Feel your desires and make the right choice.”

“Запомните, что после включения этого трека вы окажетесь в музыкальном плену у -KYTES-. Настроение Indietronica прослеживается в каждой секунде; будь то оригинальная мелодия или интересные и запоминающиеся вокальные семплы. Почувствуйте свои желания и сделайте верный выбор.”

Munich based indie-pop quartet KYTES start the new year in style with a infectiously vibrant indie-disco bop 'Apricosa' out 25th March through their very own label Frisbee Records.

The track is a forerunner to the ‚Apricosa' EP out in summer - the band continue their message of positivity, laced with indie-disco vibes and breezy indie-pop melodies.

The band say: "Apricosa expresses our desire to come together, our metaphor for ease and our wish to dance again in the here and now.Apricosa is a journey, our own journey to discover the more electronic and disco side of Kytes. We feel great freedom exploring new styles and nuances."

Reviewed by Nagamag on April 1, 2022