FADES – Free Fall

“The original track in the genres of Organic and Deep House and, most importantly, remembered from the first seconds, which allows him not to be lost against the rest of the rest. Successfully selected vocals creates a slight tension, it like a magnet attracts all your attention to my attention. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Оригинальный трек в жанрах Organic и Deep House и, что самое важное, запоминающийся с первых секунд, что позволяет ему не теряться на фоне остальных. Удачно подобранный вокал создаёт лёгкое напряжение, он словно магнит притягивает к себе всё ваше внимание.”


Dance pop producer and writer duo FADES return with their exciting new single ‘Freefall’. The musical endeavour of brothers and session musicians Nick and Luke Jekyll, FADES have always had a passion for big infectious choruses and melodic grooves. Their new single sees them team up with 20-year-old English singer-songwriter Carys Selvey. Tinged with dark and spacey soundscapes, Carys finds herself desiring more from a turbulent relationship - “You're everything that I don’t need / But you feel so right.” The production intensifies, erupting into an open chorus led by rumbling basslines and house-leaning drums. FADES have crafted the perfect backdrop for Carys vulnerable vocal tone, making it a standout single from their already impressive catalogue.

Speaking on the single, the duo described that:

“We initially wrote the track around a guitar sample that was really metallic & piercing. When we came back to release the track a year later, we replaced it with a prophet 12 & tape sample. We are huge fans of dark,moody verses & big expansive choruses. It’s the classic technique of creating tension in the verse & pre through sparse production and rising automation, to allow the chorus to have impact and variation. We wanted it to be traditionally moody and euphoric–but with a big pop chorus. Carys has this amazing way of delivering pop vocals and as a truly astonishing writer–she brought something really special to this track.”

“Free fall is about playing with fire, it’s that notion of something being bad for you but there’s something enticing about it.”

Resembling the pop-leaning house sounds of Disclosure or Hot Natured, the Surrey-born brother duo have also been building their live set-up, consisting of live instruments from bass, guitars and keys to keys DJ decks and mixers. Their hard work both in the studio and on the live circuit has found them featured on BBC Introducing. To date they have amassed over 1.5 million streams and clock in over 6.7k monthly listeners on Spotify alone.

Reflecting on the production of ‘Free Fall’:

“Production wise it’s right in our blue-print, big drums, intricate guitar lines and a chorus worthy of club nights at 4am. It’s sing-along but with a darker edge. We actually have an 11 minute extended mix which is too much fun, we might have to look at replicating this live.”


Reviewed by Nagamag on April 22, 2022