Feign Jima – Ultimate Defender

“From the first notes of such a pleasant melody, guitars slowly immerse you in several parallel worlds of merging together in one canvas. There, behind its invisible limits, you will discover the beautiful world of harmony and warm vocals -Feign jima-. Paradise pleasure with the taste of the charming Dream Pop. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“С первых нот такой приятной мелодии гитары вас медленно погружают сразу в несколько параллельных миров сливающихся воедино в одно полотно. Там, за его невидимыми пределами вы откроете для себя прекрасный мир гармоний и тёплого вокала -Feign Jima-. Райское наслаждение со вкусом очаровательного Dream Pop.”


In the guise of a lovelorn ballad, 'Ultimate Defender' speaks to a different kind of break-up, that between two friends whose relationship has gradually withered away. To some, it’s a more gut-wrenching dissolution than that of a former romantic flame. These breakdowns, be it subtle or ripped quick, let a sense of closure, or lack-there-of, linger long after the fact. Questions of “Was it my fault?”, “Would it be the same?” run rife, and it's this longing for a simpler time that 'Ultimate Defender' speaks to.

The project of Jamie Fanning, speaking to the track she shares "Ultimate Defender is a desperate plea for connection with a friend who has slowly slipped through the cracks. It's about wanting new connections and remembering the old ones. Simply, that "I miss us" feeling."


Lifted from her upcoming EP Funny How Things Turn Out, 'Ultimate Defender' is another peek into the musical world of Feign Jima whose enthralling dreamy-folk commands pause with each listen - a voice that stops you in your tracks, immediately moved. Joining the single is her recent release 'Beaches', praised by triple j Unearthed, FBi Radio, PBS, Trouble Juice and more.

Reviewed by Nagamag on May 12, 2022