Folly Tree- Remedies (Video)

“”Folly Tree” offers a taste of her upcoming album in Lo-fi Pop mood. Dive into a rich atmosphere of distinct instrumentation and discover something about the artist through those lyrics. Work of sensitivity and unique talent.”

In this third and last single before the full album drops; multi-instrumentalist, vocalist & producer Folly Tree steps into the unknown: “How I got here, I can’t tell…” as gently-plucked guitar and strings blossom around her. Folly Tree manages to create mesmerizing, deep atmospheres that touch challenging subjects.

The song examines feelings of isolation after experiencing trauma — and the satisfaction of survival that can follow. The song’s video, which Alex dreamt up and co-produced, illustrates the push and pull of these emotions. She awakens in a tower, free from time and space, but a presence from the past holds her back. By the time she sings “I’m more alone than I appear,” it’s not a plea, it’s a proud declaration.

Reviewed by Nagamag on March 8, 2022