Nicholas Steinbach – Introspect (Spotify)

“A stunning combination of beauty and melancholy, it appears like a ray of sunlight illuminating a flower in the dark shade. Favorite classical music that touches all the strings of your soul, leaving within it a light sign of emotional daydreaming.”

“Удивительное сочетание красоты и меланхолии, словно яркий лучик солнца, который освещает одинокий цветок в ночи. Очень красивая классическая музыка, которая задевает все струны души, оставляя в ней лёгкий оттенок сентиментальной мечтательности.”

Artist said about this song:

"I wrote and recorded this piece during the 2020 pandemic lockdown. It features piano, 2 violins, and 4 cellos (all live). The piece is minimalistic in style with a sweet melody. I honestly wrote this piece for myself during the pandemic to keep sane and work through some of the isolation. I love the minimalistic style and it was nice to take a step back from demanding projects and just focus on writing something that resonated with me. I’m happy to share it with those that want to listen!

A little but about me: I work professionally as a film/game composer in LA and have written additional music for TV shows The Walking Dead (s8-9), Outlander (s3-5), Marvel’s Agents of Shield (s4-6) and others. I also do a lot of writing for Call of Duty Mobile. Additionally I write a lot of trailer music for AUDIOMACHINE, a post production music studio in LA. Although there are plenty of aspects I like about each of those projects, I was excited to just write what resonated with me. Thats what you hear in Introspect." - Nicholas Steinbach

Reviewed by Nagamag on March 8, 2022