GéNIA -Where am I? (Spotify)

“A pleasant Neoclassical composition with such a strong and versatile melody. So many emotions and a huge whirlwind of events rush to you. Interesting, deep sound that can touch your inner self.”

“Приятно звучащая композиция, в которой ощущается поражающая насквозь, такая сильная и разносторонняя неоклассическая мелодия. Столько эмоций, огромный вихрь событий проносятся перед тобой. Интересное, глубокое звучание, которое оставляет шквал эмоций после себя.”


GéNIA’s composition ‘Where am I?’ was created when the composer was at a cross-roads in her life and is one of the tracks on her forthcoming album ‘Voyages Français’. At that point she was facing a dilemma whether to move to France where she felt so much at home, or remain in London where she lived for most of her life. The composition represents the inner dialog happening in the composer’s mind.


Reviewed by Nagamag on January 22, 2022