“”The empty Mirror” is an artistic Cinematic piece with advanced choreography. Mainly based on string instruments, slow progression and mysterious atmosphere that invites every listener to explore the unknown past of this fascinating world. Are you ready for this trip?”

This is the key piece for the forthcoming album ‘Stories in Slow Light. It was inspired by a photograph taken by Helena Whitten at Poltimore House in Devon which depicts a solitary figure in front of an oval frame where a mirror used to be.

The track evokes the memory of our ancestors and imagines all the living souls who have passed in front of the now long gone mirror. The protagonist appears to be channelling these spirits out of the ancient walls of the house, at times contorted by the energy flowing through her and then flowing with serenity.

The piece was recorded at Swallow Studios in Smallwood and features members of the string section of the Northern Film Orchestra. The strings shift from tight pizzicato motifs to sweeping legato passages building to a crescendo of ancient harmonies fought out between the cello, viola and violin performers. In the closing bars, a kind of peace is finally restored.

The video for was shot on location at Poltimore House but this time dancer and choreographer Kristine Berget reprises Helena’s role from the photograph and we follow her as she moves around the rooms and hallways of the crumbling mansion.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
February 3, 2022

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