Girl in the mirror, Emily McNally – The Day When I Saw Myself (Spotify)

Girl in the mirror latest song, “The Day When I Saw Myself (feat. Emily McNally)” is the first track of the EP, with the central theme of being perceived and meeting societal expectations. Girl in the mirror made the instrumental of this song, and Emily McNally wrote the lyrics. A deep emotive song.

You can find more info about the song in this blog post:

Girl in the mirror is a Budapest-based musician and is best known as a producer and a vocalist specializing in melodic electronic music genres. She likes to produce songs that entertain people but inspire thinking as well, and her music is sometimes cute, sometimes energetic, sometimes melancholic. She started producing by the name ALISA and her content has over 250,000 total views on YouTube since 2018, the year she started. Her music has been influenced by Asian vibes as well as U.S. underground hip-hop. Girl in the mirror has released 20 singles and a 10-track album, Underwater Tales in January of 2020. Born in a classical musician family, she is a multi-instrumentalist, playing the piano, the guitar, the flute and the double bass and any instrument she lays her hands on. When asked why she turned to electronic music production after her acoustic past, she says “electronic music gave me the opportunity to explore and create new sounds that never existed before”. Girl in the mirror’s belief is that “everyone should do what makes them happy, and not what society expects them to do”. She is currently working on an EP that is set to be released in fall 2020.

Reviewed by Nagamag on July 25, 2020