Ground breaking Czech-Italian Alt Pop artist Giudi has released her 80s inspired future retro synthwave single ‘Flower & Snakes’

Giudi uses the symbolism of flowers and snakes as a depiction of femininity and purity vs sexuality and predation in celebration of femininity in all its wide and diverse forms in the 21st century.

Red Bull premiere of the Flower & Snakes music video on 8th August.
Music video directed by Martin Smekel for No Wave Back/ Choose your Wave
Art Direction by Jakub RA

GIUDI is one of the most creative artists currently in music, award winning Alt Pop star Giudi combines music with fashion and visual arts, featuring issues such as sustainable Fashion and diversity in society.

Her music is playlisted on radio stations on 5 continents from USA to New Zealand from Guadeloupe to Kyrgyzstan

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
August 11, 2020

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