Guy – I Was Wrong (Spotify)

Guy – I Was Wrong

Guy – I Was Wrong (Spotify)

Israel producer Guy returns with his new song "I was wrong" a well produced rock energy song lush in harmonies and layers but still managing right the clarity in sound. The vocals performance of Guy fit wonderful with the sound structure and while is more rock orientated song some electronic parts not missing here.

Few words about the artist:
Guy is a singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, author and reformed hacker from Israel. Born Guy Sheetrit, he uses his first name as his stage name. He has been featured by Inc Magazine, Forbes, USA Today, Entrepreneur and others as the founder of Over The Top SEO, a worldwide leading SEO Company.

Guy writes and composes all of his songs and with the help of his band members Nir Shaked (Guitar), Mor Uzan (Guitars), Denis Fortoos (Drums) and his legendary producer and bass player Avi Ifrach, have begun the journey of their lives after the release of their first single”Breaking Down” from their forthcoming debut album.

Reviewed by Nagamag on July 2, 2020

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