Hannah May – Earthside

“Admire the beauty of our beautiful planet along with the new single from -hannah May-. The melody of the guitar is like a cat’s purring - calms and envelops from all sides. The rustle of grass is heard under the feet, and ahead of the endless distance is in front, your shining bliss, beyond the horizon of which the mirages of your dreams appear. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Полюбуйтесь на красоты нашей прекрасной планеты вместе с новым синглом от -Hannah May-. Мелодия гитары словно мурчание кота — успокаивает и обволакивает со всех сторон. Под ногами слышится шелест травы, а впереди бескрайняя даль — ваша сияющая нега, за горизонтом которой проступают миражи ваших мечт.”


Earthside is a soothing acoustic lullaby with tender tearjerking lyrics to match. May shows her soft and vulnerable side with this new release. Inspired by her unborn niece at the time, the lyrics poetically express an unconditional love and sense of protection that comes with being Parent or close relative. A feeling and a bond that can only be felt through experience.‘Earthside’ beams with bright guitar tones and charms with its earthy rhythmic driven instrumentation, giving off subtle hints of early Jack Johnson.


Reviewed by Nagamag on May 20, 2022