Himmat Singh – Pyaar Kardi (Spotify)

“Realize the harmony of sound flowing everywhere, like sea surface on a sunny day. This effect accompanies you throughout the track. A positive wave that provokes relaxation and energy refill. One more music gem for your collection.”

“Гармония звука, словно морская гладь в солнечный день не покинет вас на протяжении всего трека. Позитивная волна, которая поможет вам расслабиться и насладиться достойной работой. Настоящий музыкальный артефакт в вашей коллекции!”



Himmat Singh - a singer and multi-instrumental artist - is known for his vocals and blend of multiple cultural styles. Born and raised in the Bay Area, California - he fell in love with music at a young age learning Indian classical music and developed a passion for creating in Los Angeles, California. Himmat makes a unique twist of English and Punjabi music that falls into the genres of Neo-Soul, Alt/Indie RnB, Soul, Pop, Hip-Hop + Punjabi Folk. Lyrics are in English, Punjabi, and Spanish.

Reviewed by Nagamag on October 11, 2021