Holy Molly – Shot a friend (Spotify)

“"Shot a friend" is the ultimate dancing anthem from a passionate artist. We really enjoyed that silvery voice and catchy Electro Pop loops. Fat beat, spacious effects and elusive pads also build the ideal background sound. Highly recommended work.”


“Shot A Friend” came out completely out of nowhere on a rainy day in the studio. Because it was so sudden, I don’t think any of us thought of a storyline, we simply let the inspiration guide us through all sorts of deep feelings such as betrayal, guilt, love, pain, forgiveness, obsession and everything in between. As per usual, I got some inspiration from all my personal experiences, you guys know I do that a lot in my songs.

It’s about how you can fall in love so deeply and unexpectedly that you’re not able to realize that the one you fell in love with is your best friend’s lover.

I’m glad to be able to express my feelings in a different way and this is what “Shot A Friend” gave me: the opportunity to have a different mood on my music, to unleash Maria out of Holy Molly and to let her talk on this song. So here it is, enjoy!

She had her first video at the age 13, becoming a pop sensation in her country. Her strong collaborations with LIZOT, Alex Parker, Cosmo & Skoro and Shanguy, made her music included in significant Spotify playlists, Main Stage, SLAP !, Dance Bandeau, Bangers, Power Hour. “Twinkle Twinkle”, had amazing performances in Poland, airplaying in both major radios and musical TV channels. Moreover, the track peaked at #27 in Top 200 Romania, entered EDM DANCE TOP 100 on Deezer and TikTok Dance 2021 on Apple Music. While doing her own songwriting, she compliments her sensual and feminin voice. Keep close as there are more surprises coming your way from Holy Molly!


Reviewed by Nagamag on November 13, 2021