I Want Poetry – Souvenirs (Spotify)

“Expressive vocals on top of multiple synth samples, forming a song with unpredictable flow. Lay back and dive into the wide Indietronica atmosphere of "Souvenirs". Music which can leave its sign in every anxious spirit.”


I WANT POETRY are vocalist Tine von Bergen and pianist Till Moritz Moll. Together they are creating atmospheric dream pop songs with expressive vocals and haunting lyrics reminiscent of London Grammar or Woodkid. "Souvenirs," the duo's new song, looks at the all-too-human desire to hold onto the fleeting precious moments of our lifes.

"I'm gonna stow my days in boxes full of what I loved the most."

These mementos are infused with the desire for meaning: What will remain of us? What do we leave behind? What do we take with us?

The track itself resembles a collection of sonic souvenirs: together with producer Michael Vajna (Malky), I WANT POETRY interweave electronic sounds, experimental sounds and acoustic instruments with a driving beat, drawing the listener into a vortex of hazy memories. The production also features sound engineer Ghian Wright (Oasis).

Oftentimes it's the inconspicuous things that endure: having listened, having found the right words at the right time. Having been there for one another.

"Sometimes I feel like me and you we are the souvenirs."

The hypnotic pull of the music is paired with an equally otherworldly video that gives a feeling of being an observer in a stranger's dream.

"Souvenirs" is taken from the EP "Solace", which will be released in May 2022.


Reviewed by Nagamag on March 5, 2022