Ian Abel – Right Hand Man (Spotify)

“Breaking the ordinary sound boundaries, Ian Abel targets on plenty of humour and unpredictable riffs on Hyperpop. Escape from the typical music and cheer up with the funny lyrics of this fresh release.”


Keep your pants on, because Ian Abel’s newest single “Right Hand Man” dropped on Feb 10th, 2022 and it’s the quirky, gay hyperpop smash the world needs right now.

“Right Hand Man” is a cheery, taunting pop tune, with tongue-in-cheek lyrics, punchy synths, and an infectious earworm of a chorus. It’s naughty, effervescent and fun, all in one.

“Imagine you’re getting a drink at a sunny gay resort and you spot a cute stranger flirting with your man,” says Abel. “Then imagine you don’t even care: that’s what this song is about.”

“Right Hand Man” is accompanied by a low-concept music video following a big juicy butt as it walks around the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of New York City, bouncing from bar to bar, meeting up with friends, and even getting some light fondling action.

“These days I think we can also use entertainment that lightens the mood and doesn’t take itself too seriously,” says Abel. “I certainly don’t.”


Ian Abel (pronounced “able”) is, at the bottom of it all, a queer comic book nerd with a heart of gold. With an oh-so-smooth velvety voice and sensual, psychedelic electro-pop arrangements, he’s like if Sam Smith met Robyn or Jessie Ware met James Blake, all with a side of Peter Gabriel. He’s not just your standard indie voice.


For well over a decade, Ian has been an artist and performer. He has performed around the world and with greats like Nile Rodgers, Jimmy Fallon, and the SNL band. He has sung onstage at Carnegie Hall, on Chinese national television, and in festivals in Sun Valley, New York, and Edinburgh. Currently, Ian resides in New York City, where he hopes to get back to performing live soon.


He released his debut EP “Icarus” in 2016, and his songs and videos have been featured on Howl & Echoes, Wolf In a Suit, Clout, Indietronica, Milk Crater, Mystic Sons, and Spotify’s Fresh Finds.


Reviewed by Nagamag on February 18, 2022