“A charming composition -The Persians Tales- from the neoclassical album -Post Quarantine Piano-, when immersed discloses surprising execution, composer Innocenzo Genna expressed his technique through harmony and fine texture.”

“Композиция -The Persians Tales- с очаровательного, неоклассического альбома -Post Quarantine Piano-, при погружении раскрывает удивительную форму исполнения в лице композитора Innocenzo Genna; выраженную технику композиции, её гармонию и фактуру.”


Artist shared with us few words behind the source of inspiration here:

"...This music was created following a challenging trip in Iran during Easter of 2016. Just few days after return from Teheran I was sitting on the sofa and watching TV. It was night and I ended up in a documentary about the wars of Alexander the Great in Persia. The documentary described the travel of Alexander through places which I had visited few days earlier. It was night and I started to improvise a music matching the images on the TV screen and, in approximately one hour, the fundamental part of the melodies was created. The entire compositions was finalized during the following 3 weeks..."