Jacob Roved Quintet – Breeze

“Never and no one has time to enjoy the taste of life flying past. And only Jazz, only his inexorable improvisation can fully allow how beautiful this sunny day is. Music, which can revive any, even the most unfortunate person to make truly happy.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Никогда и ни у кого нет времени на то, чтобы насладиться вкусом пролетающей мимо жизни. И только Jazz, только его неумолимая импровизация способны в полной мере дать прочувствовать, как прекрасен этот солнечный день. Музыка, которая может оживить любого, даже самого несчастного человека сделать по-настоящему счастливым.”


Drummer and composer Jacob Roved is educated from Royal Conservatoire, Netherlands and Sibelius Academy, Finland, and has studied with jazz icons like Joe La Barbera (Bill Evans Trio), Ed Thigpen (Oscar Peterson Trio), Eric Ineke, and Jukkis Uotila. He is a familiar face on the Danish jazz music scene, who has led numerous projects and served on the board of Danish Jazz Musicians’ Society and on the committee for Danish Music Awards Jazz.

Jacob Roved Quintet was formed in 2008 and features the phenomenal American clarinet and saxophone virtuoso John Ruocco, multi-award winning Danish trumpet player Thomas Fryland, and the internationally renowned bass player Jesper Bodilsen. The music is rooted in the American jazz tradition, but not shy of its heritage from European classical music.

Jacob Roved Quintet has released the album Remembering Billy Strayhorn (Gateway 2015), commemorating the 100th anniversary of Duke Ellington’s famous collaborator – one of only few significant LGBT artists in jazz history. Remembering Billy Strayhorn was well received by critics and has played on radio in several continents.

Jacob Roved Quintet has given concerts in France, Sweden, and Denmark, including several international jazz festivals.


John Ruocco (US) - clarinet & tenor saxophone

Thomas Fryland (DK) - trumpet & flugelhorn

Rasmus Ehlers Nielsen (DK) - piano

Jesper Bodilsen (DK) - double bass

Jacob Roved (DK) – drums

Reviewed by Nagamag on September 11, 2022