Jamie McDell – Limousine Running (Spotify)

“Feel the spirit of real Rock music, whose rhythms can break invisible barriers and let their cosy melodies get into our hearts. The vocals of "Jamie McDell" give colour and special touch in this sound, setting the most positive mood.”

“Почувствуйте дух настоящей рок-музыки, чьи ритмы разрывают невидимые преграды и впускают в сердца свои зажигающие мелодии. Вокал -Jamie McDell- придаёт колоритному звучанию особый оттенок, задавая нужный, позитивный настрой!”


Critically acclaimed New Zealand born singer songwriter Jamie McDell releases her highly anticipated self-titled album today through ABC Music.

The enchanting artist recorded her fourth studio album in Nashville, teaming up with Nash Chambers in his eastside studio and drawing on the amazing musical talents of Dan Dugmore, Jedd Hughes, Dennis Crouch, Shawn Fichter, Jerry Roe, Jimmy Wallace, Tony Lucido and Ross Holmes, along with guests such as the McCrary Sisters, Robert Ellis, Erin Rae and Tom Busby.

Containing Jamie’s most brutally honest moments, in both writing and performance, this new long player features musicians and production that takes you on a modern journey through 70s folk and country, blended with a healthy dose of roots and rock.

"Limousine Running" was the most difficult to finish on the record. Says McDell, "the sentiment Nash, Phil and I had originally come up with began to become something I was losing connection with so we left it for awhile. We decided to record a band version and were so excited about the players performance and production that I knew I needed to find a story that was interesting to me."



Reviewed by Nagamag on March 9, 2022