Joel Ansett – Ease (Video)

“With a sound production and warm vocals as fresh butter in a love-made cocoa cake which just baked and you keen to slice a piece and taste it your mouth to calm. This is what Joel Ansett with – Ease- offers to listeners ears. Beautiful memorable song!”

This is a song about people-pleasing, over-thinking, over-analyzing and finding someone who helps you calm down.

Joel moved to Denver, Colorado in 2014 and cut his songwriting teeth by playing every local open mic he could find. He has since found fans all over the country with more than 13 million streams online, a song placed in Marvel’s “The Punisher” , and the title of “songwriter to watch” from The Huffington Post. His songs combine folk and R&B to great effect and going beyond the genre, Artist Review wrote: “This music is soul therapy.” His latest album, A Place I Knew Before, was crowdfunded and released in the fall of 2019. Marquee Mag writes: “Striking a careful balance that only comes with great intention, ‘A Place I Knew Before’ blends sonic experimentation with strong songwriting, but more deeply places grief and hope side by side.” His thoughtful songwriting and unique voice have continued to win fans, and with a new EP just around the bend, Ansett seems bound for bigger and brighter things.

Reviewed by Nagamag on October 24, 2020