Jon + Larsen – Rush (Spotify)

“-Rush- is the rhythm of your city, the rules of your game and the energy source of your mood. Typical reverb effects, sharp basslines and coloured high-pitched synth patterns.”

“-Rush- это ритм твоего города, это правила твоей игры, это энергия твоего источника настроения. Характерные для EDM эффекты, ярко выраженная бочка, резкие басовые накладки и окрашенные высокотональными партиями синтезаторы.”

Rush is a massive ,massive,massive festival and clubbanger. The Style of the Track is Future Rave, with fantastic rave elements. Also a energetic Drop that leaves no one standing still.

The Guys from southern Germany prove it with their studio work and emotional DJ sets again and again! The shows are full of Energy, Power and the guys push the Dancefloor every time up to the limit. Insane Gigs around Europe and at the biggest Hotspots like Space, Amnesia, Pacha and Ministry of Sound.

Reviewed by Nagamag on April 1, 2021