JPson – Black & Blue (Spotify)

“"JPson" sound chemistry result in this very cozy and instantly memorable work. Find out the original approach and sincerity of the execution, which can only be admired. "Black & Blue" can stick forever in your memory and heart.”

“Настоящая химия звука, очень уютная и, что важно, мгновенно запоминающаяся работа. Оригинальный подход и искренность исполнения, которыми можно только восхищаться. У -JPson- получилось то, что навсегда остаётся в памяти и в сердце.”

Artist shared few words with Nagamag for this song:

black & blue was inspired after watching “Kiss the ground” on Netflix which is a environmental documentary I highly recommend watching that focuses on
bringing light to regenerative farming and global cooling and how together we can do our part in combating global warming. Therefore with the release of this new single and the help of “Stream by Stream” I will be donating the royalties generated through the streaming income of this new release to planting trees around the world.

Reviewed by Nagamag on October 1, 2021