Jude Moses – The Multicolored Beast

“Inspired by the unique characteristics of planet Earth, this fresh single is an ode to the beauty of nature. Sometimes peaceful, sometimes wild that scenery is just there and waiting for us to discover its secret sides. Feathery vocals and friendly Folk mood will guide you into the unknown.”


The final song of “The Beauty”, this song bookends the message of Kokoro but in an edgier way. The tune sinks in its teeth about the planet and how all the different layers (floods, flowers blooming, volcanos, waterfalls, lightening, and deers prancing) make a kind of “Multicolored Beast”. But despite what the earth throws at us, it’s all so beautiful. The chorus “I want to see the beauty of the world with you” encapsulates the record in that one line. Ending the whole album with a intense jam of a descending vocal melody and a back beat groove, its hard not to bang your head to this one


Reviewed by Nagamag on May 7, 2022