Just Leila x BYRN – Approche toi

“Get close to Leila and her charming sound. A love song in French Pop mood, decorated with rich percussion elements. This flawlessly sophisticated production is ready to fill your cold place with warm air.”


"Approche Toi" "Close to Me" is a love song that celebrates the merging of two souls and everything that is beautiful about falling in love. Written in French (one of Just Leila's native tongues) the song has a feel good drawl to it reminiscent of French café music combined with a more modern electronic vibe.

The song is also a debut for Byrn producing music for another artist: being a song created entirely by women.

"It was my first time producing someone else's song and I was honored to be a part of it! It's a different kind of pressure working on another artist's baby, but I am thankful for the wonderful experience" - Byrn

"It is night and day producing with a woman instead of a man. I may be biased but I think women are the whole package. You get fire music, professionalism, and a lot more transparency – all with less of the ego and drama." - Just Leila


Reviewed by Nagamag on March 17, 2022