Kasablanca: Human Learning (Extended Mix) (Video)

“-Kasablanca- with their latest ep release – Human Learning- in -Armada Electronic Elements- , and the track title we blog here, invite us in their lush world of melodic harmonies, heartwarming vocals and daydreaming atmospheres. All blended together brilliant under a care mix with clarity which let you feel the groove and softness of sounds.”


After a year of stellar releases, and their anthem collab, “run” with Lane 8, Kasablanca, delivers their debut EP “human learning” with an incredible visual teaser.


Blurring the line between progressive and melodic techno with their debut 2020 release, “Hold Me Close” Kasablanca taps into 80’s analog synth nostalgia with the first song off their debut upcoming EP, “Human Learning”.

Launching on Armada’s Electronic Elements sublabel, not much is known about Kasablanca. Self described as an “Audio visual experience”, Kasablanca’s musical identity comes from their use of melodic retro textures combined with the rhythmic fundamentals of house & techno. Blending genres and influences like Rufus De Soul and ARTBAT with the attitude of acts like Justice and Kavinsky, their debut EP, Human Learning is already garnering the support of underground and main stage DJ’s alike. The identity of Kasblanca may be hidden, but you can expect their sounds to be at every corner of this realm.


Reviewed by Nagamag on November 23, 2020