Kerrigan Barry – Honest with God [Official Audio] (Video)

“The song -Honest with God- makes you think about the brave decisions in life. -Kerrigan Barry- invested in her creative talent, charisma and refined inexhaustible stream of fresh energy. A surprising result that we listen and enjoy.”

“Песня -Honest with God- заставляет задумываться о смелых решениях на жизненном пути. -Kerrigan Barry- вложила в своё творение весь свой талант, отточенную харизму и поток неиссякаемой, свежей энергии. Удивительное рядом. Слушаем и наслаждаемся. ”

“Honest with God” addresses what Kerrigan Barry believes to be the cardinal principle of genuine songwriting; writing music should be so honest, that regardless of what you believe in spiritually or otherwise, it should feel like you’re writing a letter to God. For Kerrigan, songwriting and music are sanctified, defining a religion all their own. To some, the song’s meaning might be open for interpretation, but at its core, “Honest with God” is for anyone looking to leave their pain, heartache and unimaginable struggle behind for 3 minutes and 44 seconds; it’s about embracing exactly who you are, courageously and without fear.

Raw, real, and unapologetically reckless, ​​Kerrigan Barry​​ was born with a fire in her heart, stoked by rock ‘n’ roll in her bones. The Cleveland, Ohio native found catharsis and truth in writing lyrics and melodies after watching Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band ​​Live In New York City​​ on DVD as a 5-year old kid. Quite possibly the only 4th grader in her generation to have The Rolling Stones’ ​​Tattoo You ​​on their iPod shuffle, Kerrigan​​ began her lifelong love affair with music, and it has since proved to be the most beautifully intoxicating relationship she ever imagines experiencing. Kerrigan Barry’s “Honest with God” was selected as a finalist in 35th Annual American Songwriter Song Competition, praised for her raw approach to putting pen to paper. “Honest with God” is available now [] on all platforms.

Reviewed by Nagamag on April 6, 2021