Leila Milki – Fall Asleep (Video)

“”Leila Milki” has combined her deep sensual voice with Neoclassic instrumentation, creating a romantic sense to her listeners. The concept in “Fall Asleep” is full of mystery… it feeds your imagination and calls you to explore its Cinematic character.”


“Fall Asleep” plays out like an orchestral dreamscape, a hazy lullaby…exploring femininity and vulnerability in the face of abuse and peace-keeping. It showcases my vocal & classical-piano performance, along with an unfurling string quartet. It’s meditative, romantic, and mysterious, with dark-meets-light and Arab-fusion influences.

This brand new music video was a remote collaboration from Los Angeles to Toronto, capturing the dance between the familiar, and the pull towards something greater. It’s a terrifying limbo, but all the more worthwhile: daring to indulge those glimmers of freedom beyond our daydreams, when we’ve been taught to place the world’s comfort over our own.

Through this cinematic ballad, my hope is to champion visibility for fellow first-generation daughters of immigrants whose dual-identity limbo often intensifies our experience of early adulthood.


Reviewed by Nagamag on December 18, 2021