Lennon VanderDoes – Goodnight Love

“It is good to listen to this song at night, before going to bed, falling asleep in the arms of a loved one. You know that in the morning you will wake up together again, just like the sun sets every night and in the morning appears again with its warmth and light. Bright and so necessary for the heart Indie Folk.”

“Эту песню хорошо слушать вечером, перед сном, засыпая в объятиях любимого человека. Вы знаете, что с утра вы проснётесь вновь вместе как и солнце за окном, которое каждую ночь уходит в закат, но с утра вновь покоряет вас своим теплом и светом. Лёгкий и такой необходимый сердцу Indie Folk.”



Lennon VanderDoes is a musician originally from the state of Delaware in the USA.

growing up in the “small wonder” as Delaware is known… left Lennon dreaming for bigger horizons.

His trips to the west, prominently Seattle, left their mark on Lennon as he would return home to the east, dreaming about the mountains and bigger adventures he left behind. The indie folk music that is prominent in the area took hold of him and became the perfect soundtrack for his daydreaming, and eventually would inspire his own music.

motivated by the free spirit of the pacific north west, Lennon is known to just write and produce what he feels. This often leads to a cross in genres and multiple styles of songwriting as limits and rules aren’t something that Lennon’s ever been comfortable with.

while just beginning to put his work out there, he is so grateful for the chance to inspire others with his music.

Reviewed by Nagamag on April 2, 2022