Star Age – Circles

“Do you feel a slight chill running through your body at the sight of the endless horizon from the ocean coast? The new Neoclassical composition from "Star Age" evokes exactly the same feelings. Live and real music, like dolphins spreading sound vibrations.”

“Вы чувствуете, как по телу пробегает лёгкий озноб при виде бескрайнего горизонта океанского побережья? Новая неоклассическая композиция от -Star Age- вызывает точно такие же чувства. Живые, настоящие, как стая дельфинов под кожей распространяют звуковые вибрации.”

‘Circles’ is the peaceful debut single from Star Age, whose musical roots as a pianist come full circle with this release. It was recorded on the artist’s Steinway grand that has been passed down through generations. The New York based artist has played on Broadway, in five-star hotels, recorded for artists and created award-winning music as a composer.

Reviewed by Nagamag on April 2, 2022