“Things in life are not always easy. In fact we have to face difficulties and overcome obstacles. Our emotional state is similarly affected too. This is the idea behind "Of Little Winters". An Indie folk single taken from the group's forthcoming album, giving strength and inspiring us for self-evaluation.”

The dynamic quintet shines through the nordic clouds with colorful songwriting on their forthcoming album ‘WONDERLOST’ set to release fall 2022 via Celebration Records. Third single “Of Little Winters” will be released april 15th.

Indie-pop group Little Winter are releasing the third single from their upcoming album Wonderlost. “Of Little Winters” is a modern take on the early 70’s motown, and it draws inspiration from the uplifting and danceable approach to the grave and somber lyrics. Daniel explains, “This duality is permeating our creative output, but it stands out especially in this song. The essence of the song is a declaration of restlessness, loss of direction and absence of meaning in a monotonous existence.”

The “little winters” we all face

As with the band name itself, the song title refers to moments of feeling lost, alone and without a clear direction in life. They are not always present in one’s life, but neither are they completely absent - it’s just something that we all must endure as part of growing up and searching for a place in the world.

Drummer Nikolaj explains, “There is an interesting and inherent contradiction in the idea of these small winters, these unpleasant emotional hilltops standing in the way, sometimes appearing suddenly, but always when least needed. You know that there is happiness and relief to be found on the other side, as well as future helpless days lurking around the corner. It feels pointless to start every single climb but it is also okay, and that is kind of the point - to come to terms with these less glamorous sides of life, because they will hit you from time to time and for better or worse; life wouldn’t be the same without them.”

Ryan continues, “for me, the essence of the song is that feeling of being at home in periods of thoughtfulness. You know, those dark, gray periods of melancholy sitting in between happiness and sadness. As a band we also write more music with greater inspiration during these periods. You don’t take time to think about life and your place in it when things are going great and you are having fun. Similarly, in depressive times when your mood is just hitting rock bottom you just don’t have the energy it takes to write. It is when balancing on this fine line in between that I really get to examine the thoughts and emotions flowing around in my mind.”

Bringing the idols into the frame

“Of Little Winters” is written in collaboration with the Danish singer/songwriter Tue West. Ryan says,‘’This track is really one of my favorites from the new album. I co-wrote the chorus and lyrics for it on a summer night with the danish singer/songwriter Tue West. We had an idea about writing a song with melancholy as a main theme. This idea turned into Of Little Winters, and as such it serves as a nice contrast to the vibe and state of mind present in our first singles, Julia and Only 19. Tue even sings on the recording of the song

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May 27, 2022

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