Lukas Poellauer comes back on fortunea with an ambitious 5 track ep. Mixing up house music with the use of traditional instruments and vocals by Spitting Ibex singer Aunty on some of the tracks.

The Departure EP starts off with 'Going Down' - an impressive introduction with reminiscences to early garage house records. 'Falling Back' follows up on A2: a tight bass is companied with piano-cues, glittery strings and a mysterious breakdown, that gives the listener a sort of a cosmic film-noire vibe.

The melancholy continues with the next piece. "Departure", the title-track of this record is placed on the B-side. A trumpet (performed by local musician Alex Valdés), a vibraphone, a smooth bass and beautiful chilled chords are the main elements, paired with field-recordings from the streets of Vienna. Lukas also recorded some jazzy cymbals from his acoustic drum-kit. This laid back, jazzy deep house tune certainly has the blues in it.

While Aunty was also present on the first track for a couple of lines, her voice is placed now more on the foreground with their party song ‚It’s All Good’ on B2.

The record closes with a danceable rework of ‚Departure’. Tieffrequent label head Siggatunez is responsible for this version.

This release will lighten up your day.

Vinyl is limited to 100% copies. There will be no repress!


Reviewed by Nagamag on 
August 20, 2020

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