M.E. Netzke – Fully Tickled Pink (Spotify)

“-M.e. Netzke- worked hard and managed to make a real masterpiece. Its Folk melody is pouring from the speakers like river and the voice affects all the strings of your soul. Feel the bliss in every second!”

“-M.E. Netzke- проделал огромную работу над звуковым полотном и постарался сделать из своей песни настоящий хит. И, знаете ли, у него это прекрасно получилось! Мелодия фолк-музыки льётся из динамиков рекой, а голос затрагивает все струны души. Блаженство в каждой секунде!”


This song has to do with being unsettled. It's about knowing wherever a person goes, they're thinking of someplace farther along. It's also about living with another who knows this and wants the feeling to cease. It touches on the conflict that situation creates when one party hopes toward the impossible cause of changing someone other than themselves.




Reviewed by Nagamag on March 1, 2022