Maham Suhail – EXILE TO SPACE

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Remember when you last dreamed of being in a fairy tale. -Maham Suhail- invites you to plunge into the Magic World of World Music, swim on the waves of the Rhythms of DownTempo and throw out everything that prevents you from feeling free!”

“Вспомните, когда вы в последний раз мечтали оказаться в сказке. -Maham Suhail- приглашает вас окунуться в волшебный мир World Music, поплавать на волнах ритмов Downtempo и выкинуть из головы всё, что мешает вам почувствовать себя свободным!”

The fourth single to be released from her debut album titled ‘Mitti’ (‘Mitti’ being Urdu, for ‘earth/soil’), ‘Exile to Space’ is a soundscape with a hybrid Ethnic-Chillout-Blues-Rock sound.

‘Exile to Space’ has a mystical-cum-empowered mood to it, as the English and Urdu lyrics mingle with each other. Whereas the English lyric speaks of the relationship with her Beloved and the qualities of both merging into a oneness; the Urdu lyric (excerpts from her poem, titled ‘Faqeer’ (‘Mystic’)) declares an almost royal sense of liberation discovered while being in ‘exile’ (‘jilawatni’, in Urdu). This exile is a state of being, not a physical banishment, but an emotional/spiritual escape into a parallel-universe where she found freedom and yearns for enlightenment.

Maham Suhail is an international award-winning artist of Pakistani origin: vocalist, multi-instrumentalist & travelling composer/producer. Her wider genre is World Beat: she has recorded songs in 8 languages and composes across genres & styles. Spoken Word, MIDI Drums and looping are part of her recent live acts & recordings.

Maham has produced and directed live events nationally and internationally, she has been featured on global radio stations, and written about in many Pakistani, as well as Indian, Italian, British, German and American publications.

Maham recently announced the release of her debut album, ‘Mitti’ (Urdu, for ‘soil’), and she continues to release additional works as a Composer/Producer.


A new song that brings spring to the world, with live, warm, bouncy and exciting sounds.

Reviewed by Nagamag on April 4, 2022