Melodiesinfonie – Devoodrifte

“In music, the presence of the soul is important, and in -Melodiesinfonie- this is in perfect order! When listening, there may be a frantic desire to leave the city somewhere to the distance and spend a couple of nights under the strewn stars of the sky. This will help you with the melody of Chillwave and Dream Pop, as well as the excellent voice of the performer. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“В музыке важно наличие души, и у -Melodiesinfonie- с этим всё в полном порядке! При прослушивании может возникнуть неистовое желание уехать из города куда-нибудь в даль и провести пару ночей под усыпанными звёздами небом. В этом вам поможет мелодия Chillwave и Dream Pop, а так же прекрасный голос исполнителя.”

Zurich based producer, multi instrumentalist, singer and composer Melodiesinfonie returns with the third single of his upcoming album, which will be out in late June 2022. Devoodrifte is a happy and dreamy composition with smooth psyche delic elements. The Swiss German lyrics are translated: If I may say something, it would be nice if you‘re here with me, close your eyes and let‘s space out. Let‘s go on a colorful trip with Melodiesinfonie.

Reviewed by Nagamag on May 20, 2022