Miranda Joy – Up In Flames (Spotify)

“By listening to this beautiful, melodic work you feel as if floating within its harmony. The voice of "miranda joy" matches so perfectly with the sound that makes you feel part of this creation. The whole composition has invalurating properties and creates the impression of truly warm sound.”

“Красивое, мелодичное путешествие, слушая которое словно плывёшь по течению. Музыка настолько сливается с голосом, что чувствуешь себя частью единой вселенной, которой управляет -Miranda Joy-. Композиция обладает ранозаживляющими свойствами и создаёт впечатление по-настоящему теплой и искренней музыки.”


Rising singer-songwriter Miranda Joy has uncovered her brand-new single, “Up In Flames”, a striking track that lingers and leaves a huge impression after first listen. Only her third official release, the singer from Berkshire, UK, has already begun to amass a following and garner huge support – her track “The Fall” was featured in the end credits for the Super Bowl highlights show on BBC One in 2017 – and “Up In Flames” looks set to elevate the independent artist to even greater heights.

Beginning her love affair with music at a young age and writing songs since her early teens, Miranda showcases her full repertoire of talents on “Up In Flames”, with the single accentuating her strong musicianship, gorgeous vocals and skilful songwriting. Immediately commanding attention with its striking opening piano chords, the track captures the feelings of seeing someone special for the first time.

“This is a song that was written many years ago and when revived recently for a gig, it was so warmly received in its new joyful arrangement it seemed the obvious choice for a third single release”, explains Miranda. “The elation and excitement built into the track, for me, is reflective of how much fun I’ve had creating this with such good and wildly talented friends. I don't want to limit the listener by telling them what the song should mean to them, but I hope they feel the same deep sense of joy hearing it as I've had throughout this creative process, as – like the song – I move into a new and exciting phase of life.”

A force to be reckoned with and artistically at the top of her game, Miranda creates powerful material that genuinely connects to listeners, largely due to the passion, dedication, conviction and commitment that can be heard in every word she sings. And with “Up In Flames” still so early on in her career, it’s clear Miranda Joy has an exciting future ahead and will be one to watch out for over the next year and beyond. “Up In Flames” is available to buy/stream now on all platforms: distrokid.com/hyperfollow/mirandajoy/up-in-flames.


Reviewed by Nagamag on November 22, 2021