Jeff Hartman – Forgive Me (Spotify)

“Music filled with light, lyrics and freedom! Harmonious accompaniment that does not leave no chance for sadness and other negative feelings. Work of high quality that is able to hook and offer a few charming minutes of pleasure.”

“Музыка наполненная до краёв светом, лирикой и свободой! Музыкальное сопровождение настолько гармоничное, что не оставляет никаких шансов для грусти и печали. Очень качественная работа, которая способна зацепить и подарить несколько очаровательных минут наслаждения.”

Prolific New Jersey singer-songwriter Jeff Hartman has been writing guitar-driven, soulful soft-rock ballads for over forty years. His songs feature refreshingly candid vocals and compelling stories about life and love, often incorporating Spanish lyrics. Raised by a musical family in New Jersey (his father was a jazz trumpet and clarinet player and his grandmother was a child violin prodigy), Hartman was working as an English and Spanish teacher and tennis coach when he met his mentor, Philadelphia rhythm and blues legend Joe Jefferson, by chance on the tennis court. The two songwriters later collaborated on the track "Young Love" (co-written with Randy Cantor), which charted at 60 on Billboard's "Hot Black" charts for five weeks in 1988, and the track “Guilty” performed by Starleana in 1990 for Virgin Records.

Now with over 70 releases under his belt, Hartman has become an internationally recognized songwriter and celebrated recording artist in the soft-rock space, known for his collections of distinct, compelling covers as well as moving full-length albums of original ballads. He’s worked with Grammy-nominated artists and producers, and his singles, including recent releases “Cielito Lindo” and “Sweet Johnny,” have hit number one on Spotify’s Release Radar. His 2012 narrative pop-rock EP Curtain Call and the acoustic-leaning 2017 EP Mansfield led to the release of his highly-acclaimed full-length album Legacy in 2017, which featured all original songs written by Hartman. In 2020, Hartman released two albums, 7 and Under Cover, as well as ten singles. He’s currently writing with Kit Worton at Right Touch Studios and Bob Fowler at SSR Recording, and has released two more full-length albums in 2021: Jeff Hartman, Acoustic Favorites featuring new, original tunes, and a deluxe edition reissue of Legacy featuring additional tracks as well as new mixes of several hit singles. Hartman lives with his wife Paula on the Jersey Shore.

Reviewed by Nagamag on November 21, 2021