My Right Hand Son – Mistakes Were Fixed | Jazz music review

My Right Hand Son – Mistakes Were Fixed | Jazz music review

“Good depth to the voice. Deep and full of emotion, very unique vocal presentation and crystal performance. Nice production, very modern in sound with subtle beats but still feels like and old school song. Song is very attractive and charming and at the same time, very old fashioned and modern.”

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“Καλό βάθος στη φωνή. Βαθιά και γεμάτη συγκίνηση, πολύ μοναδική φωνητική παρουσίαση και κρυστάλλινες επιδόσεις. Ωραία παραγωγή, πολύ μοντέρνα σε ήχο με λεπτές ρυθμές, αλλά εξακολουθεί να αισθάνεται σαν και παλιό σχολικό τραγούδι. Το τραγούδι είναι πολύ ελκυστικό και γοητευτικό και ταυτόχρονα, πολύ ντεμοντέ και μοντέρνα.”

“Buena profundidad a la voz. Profundo y lleno de emoción, presentación vocal muy singular y rendimiento de cristal. Buena producción, muy moderna en sonido con ritmos sutiles, pero todavía se siente como y una canción de la vieja escuela. La canción es muy atractiva y encantadora y al mismo tiempo, muy anticuada y moderna.”

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Nagamag takes great pleasure in introducing “Mistakes Were Fixed”, a masterpiece of “My Right Hand Son” This extraordinary composition of “My Right Hand Son – Mistakes Were Fixed” with details of Jazz genre, motivated our dedicated curator to review it with pure feelings! Nagamag, as a global portal to musical discovery, is thrilled to share music compositions like “My Right Hand Son – Mistakes Were Fixed” as well as reviewing them! Beyond the realm of ordinary music, this song defines also Blues music as well!

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Reviewed by Nagamag on November 21, 2023