Nate Amor – Lose This Way

“Vocals on this one are the hook you need, it pulls you in since the first verse, strong and clean. Amazing vocalist, music just as great, layers of guitars, that fulfill the layers you need, same with rhythm section. It feels personal a lot, some much emotions are put into it. ”

Singer and songwriter Nate Amor relocated to LA in 2022 with a fresh mind and fresh music followed. These new perspectives are the driver for a new album he worked on with legendary mixers Joe Zook and Drew Middleton. He delved into a unique sound, paying homage to Kings of Leon, Ray Lamontagne, and Chris Stapleton. But before the full album release, Nate Amor has some singles for you to snack on.

The first track on the menu was the soaring “Ain’t Hitting Me Yet”. Next up is the sweeping, “Lose This Way”.

A song dealing with the trauma of loss, the emotional devastation Nate details is a backdrop for a music video that paints the picture of the moments leading up to a beautiful wedding. Tensions run high when he sings lines like “Bring on the firing squad and/ fire away” while the video shows him as a supposedly happy groom getting his photo taken. But as the song and video progress, we see not everything is as it seems. This leads to a climax that brings an air of optimism. Powered by Nate’s signature vocals and guitar, the climax of the song is anthemic and cathartic.

As Nate elaborates:

“I was living in my friend’s basement. It was spring yet cold in Minnesota and this moment came over me to write a song that could encompass my recent divorce and the loss of my mother 18 months prior. It is a journey to say goodbye to my ex, wish her well, and to say that I’m accepting the loss of her. The truth was that I’d been so selfish. We ALL experience loss. Deaths of many kinds, it’s a part of life. This song helped me get out and release my grief, let go, and continue on.”

A Minneapolis native, Nate Amor grew up with a healthy appreciation for Elvis and The Beach Boys – all things Rock ‘n Roll Americana. His first time performing was at his high school talent show with a cover of Elvis’ “In the Ghetto”. He was hooked. The power of lyrics and positive transformative force of music has continuously fed Nate’s songwriting obsessions.

Nate is a member and vocalist of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, was featured on NBC’s The Voice, and as a solo artist has shared the stage with Train, Mat Kearney, and Marc Cohn.

In 2022 Nate relocated to LA to start a new musical adventure. With a collection of songs perfected over the past few years, he is now more ready than ever to bring his brand of Americana Rock to a global audience.

Reviewed by Nagamag on September 17, 2022