Nina Moss – If I Could

“Finding balance between work and life is hard for most of us, but it definetely worths trying. In this cool Indie single, Nina Moss brings fresh air that envelops the listener. Your chance to slow down from your constant rush is only one click away!”

Artist said about this song:

"I wrote this song in the Idaho countryside this summer, having found a rare moment of peace in a chaotic year. I’d felt myself wishing I could just “stay a while." It's a simple idea, but I’m from New York and often feel caught up in the rat race mentality. I wanted to write something about trying to find that work/life balance, which is something I struggle with. I worked on this with Tiger Darrow and Dezi, who helped me bring it to life with fun live instrumentation!"

Reviewed by Nagamag on June 22, 2022