noelle – Stupid

“Enjoy one of those airy, crystalline and outstanding voices that sound like the clink of crystal glasses in the minds of listeners. A bit of instrumental music in the background and in front of you unfolds an incredibly beautiful composition that will remain in your memory forever! ”

“Один из тех воздушных, кристальных и выдающихся голосов, которые звучат в головах слушателей как звон хрустальных бокалов. Немного инструментальной музыки на фоне и перед вами невероятной красоты композиция, которая останется в вашей памяти навсегда!”

Raised in the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory in Ontario, in a family and community that surrounded her with music, noelle’s upbringing exposed her to a vast range of musical genres, from Nat King Cole and Sarah Vaughan, to the pow wow drum and native wind flute from her Indigenous roots. Expressing her thoughts and emotions at her piano, coupled with a reality she sought to transcend, noelle began writing her own music as a therapeutic form of self-expression.

Vulnerable new single, “Stupid,” was inspired by long distance relationships. Falling in love is such an amazing feeling, but it can fall apart when distance is involved. The artwork accompanies the song’s vibe – simple, raw, beautiful.

Reviewed by Nagamag on March 12, 2022