Olivia Amupala – If It’s Love

“Love is a deep, strong feeling, the desire to constantly be next to those who make your heart beat stronger than the former. The one to whom you can entrust all your secrets and listen to the new track -olivia amupala- together, it is he who will become a hallmark in your relationship. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Любовь — это глубокое, сильное чувство, желание постоянно находиться рядом с тем, кто заставляет ваше сердце биться сильнее прежнего. Тот, кому вы сможете доверить все свои тайны и вместе послушать новый трек -Olivia Amupala-, именно он станет визитной карточкой в ваших отношениях.”


Olivia Amupala released her first single ”If It's Love” on Friday 13.05. It is the first single from her upcoming full-length debut album.

´If it's love is a story about falling in love yet at the same time being afraid to be vulnerable. This song was originally written at the time when I met my husband. I was excited and terrified of the idea that I would actually have to let my guard down´ Olivia Amupala says

Olivia Amupala is a Namibian born singer/songwriter signed to Bueno Records. She is paving her way into the music scene with her unique songwriting and distinctive voice. Her style of songwriting is strongly influenced by country music, which she grew up listening to. "I've always loved country music for its raw and honest storytelling. I wish to embody this in my music, as I want people to be captivated by the story I am trying to convey."


Reviewed by Nagamag on May 20, 2022