Ollie Harrison – Liquid Sky (Spotify)

The latest release from biskuwi’s Mercurial Tones imprint welcomes Ollie Harrison to the label for his debut EP "Liquid Sky". Ollie was born in United Kingdom but he is heavily influenced by German and Italian techno when it comes to his style of crafting his own unique brand of deep techno. With a lean towards the deep and melodic spectrum of the genre, Ollie names Tale Of Us, Colyn and Mathame as one of the influences for his mesmerising and well textured style.

Beginning with the title selection Liquid Sky remains to explore the darker narratives for which he creates his own unique sound for. A warm but dark driving groove sits at the foundation while electric and oscillating LFO driven rhythms and meditative arps fill in the framework. Both ominous and enigmatic, it’s skill for the dramatic grows as astral tones and frayed percussion lead to an explosive break. The storyboard then leads into an emotive chord driven LFOs and glowing atmospheres providing a sense of directionless, before getting washed away into a sea of dark beats and rippling grooves.

Ollie rounds out the release by providing the second track named as Lucid Dreaming. Anchored by a warm, persisting groove, the UK artist’s finely tuned percussion and pulsating rhythms quickly appeals the senses. Melodramatic and interstellar in equal measure, lively atmospheres and a spaced out arp play off each other beautifully leading into the main break. Surely one for a peak time dance floor, it’s melodic drive caps off another must have release from Mercurial Tones.

Reviewed by Nagamag on August 30, 2020