Paris Combo – Cap ou pas cap (Nicolas Repac Remix)

“Cardiac bits, which is characterized by increased vocal emotionality, live tools and deep sensory sensitivity. Enjoy gentle percussion, flexible vocal, wondrous melody and mood FRENCH POP and NU JAZZ and feel how inside you goes back to the whole body sun! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Сердечный бит, который отличается повышенной вокальной эмоциональностью, живым инструментарием и глубокой сенсорной чувствительностью. Наслаждайтесь нежной перкуссией, гибким вокалом, дивной мелодией и настроением French Pop и Nu Jazz и почувствуйте, как внутри вас восходит обжигающее всё тело солнце!”


From band:

« Nicolas Repac and I have worked together on various projects in Paris over the years and his strong connection with

with acoustic music, whether it be jazz, latin or traditional genres, made him an obvious choice to remix Paris Combo’s songs.

He worked on our « Remixed » project in 1918, remixing a couple of songs from our previous album « Tako Tsubo ». We loved what he did so we asked him to collaborate on two songs on our last album « Quesaco ? »,

interweaving his samples and grooves with the existing group arrangements and providing a strong inspiration for the rest of the album.

From there it was a natural progression to ask him to Remix « Cap ou pas Cap ». Nicolas brings not only his amazingly rich collection of sounds, his strong jazz and groove culture, but also a sensibility as a singer-songwriter in his own right.

He remixes the song but also throws a new light on the vocal performance and the composition itself. »

Reviewed by Nagamag on April 17, 2022