Phill Reynolds – World on Fire (Spotify)

“"Phill Reynolds" keeps the pace at a lower level and gives emphasis on even the smallest detail in sound. Folktronica production which gently cuddles its listener and introduces a new dimension in music. warm and elegant result which many artists wish to achieve.”

The first new material since his latest album 'A Sudden Nowhere' came out earlier this year, the track features sparse and bare arrangements. A Fender Rhodes loop and minimal guitar touches are accompanied by the silky synth lines and vibrating backing vocals provided by Italian composer Iosonouncane. Phill describes it as "an SOS sent to a blurry promised land from inside a dream".

Phill Reynolds, born Silva Cantele, is an Italian singer-songwriter and one-man-band. Since 2011, he brings his bluesy roots and his desert voice all around Europe and the US, singing about love and despair, rage and hope, shade and light, on the wings of a sharp fingerstyle technique. Over the course of over 400 concerts, he got to share the stage with the likes of Eric Andersen, Sigur Ros, Timber Timbre, John García, Blonde Redhead, Daniel Norgren, Scott Kelly, Micah P Hinson and many more.

Reviewed by Nagamag on November 27, 2021