Pierce Alexander – The Minutehand

“Beautiful, melodic acoustic ballad in execution -pierce Alexander-. The composition gives a pleasant aftertaste, so exactly it falls on any of the sentiments, accelerating the black clouds over your heads. A gentle work. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Красивая, мелодичная акустическая баллада в исполнение -Pierce Alexander-. Композиция дарит приятное послевкусие, настолько ровно она ложится на любое из настроений, разгоняя чёрные тучи над вашими головами. Нежнейшее произведение.”


Artist said about this song:

"The title track from my brand new album, 'The Minutehand' is an intimate song that is about letting someone go. Initially the track starts out acoustic, but is eventually joined by a string quartet, emphasizing the wistful lyricism in the song. The title comes from a lyric in the song about how, in the end, it is better to walk into uncharted territory and keep moving forward than to just do nothing and wait for things to feel right again."


Reviewed by Nagamag on April 22, 2022