Plucker – Gregor Klamra (Video)

“Quality work with samples, cyclic rhythm house music and techno create a necessary mood. Boldly pick Plucker – Gregor Klamra in your playlist!”

“Качественная работа с семплами, зацикленный ритм хаус музыки и техно создаёт нужное настроение. Смело забирайте работу Plucker – Gregor Klamra в свой плейлист!”

A more smooth and chilly Melodic House Track. Organic synthlines with a little bit of an 70’s ambient style sound

Gregor Klamra is the alter ego of Hamburg and Berlin based musician Felix Weigt.

During his childhood in the early nineties, he first got into contact with electronic music by watching eurodance music clips in German television. Also, synth-driven movie soundtracks caught his attention.

He then went more into acoustic music by learning to play the piano, and after finishing school, he studied upright bass at the conservatory. Since that time, he plays in theater shows, does studio work and live gigs with different artists and is a member of the Indie pop group Die Höchste Eisenbahn.

Apparently, he never lost connection with his early love to electronic music so that one day, maybe seduced from a long night in a nightclub or at a festival, he started to feel the urge to produce his own version of progressive and melodic house and techno in his spare time. Often more on the downtempo side, he focuses on melancholic chords, long build-ups and catchy melodies. Tied to his flat due to the corona lockdown in spring 2020 he finally found the impulse to finish some of his track that he is releasing now…

Reviewed by Nagamag on February 2, 2021