Sense Offence – Slipping Up (Spotify)

“Make sure to do a pause on what you are doing now, especially if is the s--t you don't want to do and listen to the new single of Sense Offence, -Slipping Up-. Feel free to volume up loud, skip any worries for your annoying neighbor. The hookiest sound qualities of production are here and will fix your monitors performance! Sense Offence knows how to tell a story along with beautiful grooves and top notch sound quality!”

Slipping Up is a rap about picking yourself back up after you fall and finding hope when everything feels hopeless. It goes out to anyone struggling with mental health and addiction.

Sense Offence is a New Zealand hip-hop artist and genre fluid rapper.

His music covers topics such as mental health, drug addiction, relationship difficulties and suicide, tackling these heavy topics with a brutal realism about their realities balanced with a strong belief that recovery is possible and offering encouragement to anyone battling these demons to keep fighting.

He is an extremely versatile artist often incorporating elements from different genres and a highly technical rapper with a mastery of complex flow patterns, strong delivery, powerful story telling and intricate multi-syllabic rhyme schemes.

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Reviewed by Nagamag on February 2, 2021