Pouria Zarei – Solace (Spotify)

“Driven by warm wind, this piano melody flies like rose petal over your head. So much love and tenderness is laid by the artist of his work. Music that lives inside your heart. Feel it.”

“Подгоняемая тёплыми ветрами, мелодия пиано словно лепесток розы пролетает над вашей головой. Столько любви и нежности заложено автором в своё произведение. Музыка, которая живёт внутри вашего сердца. Почувствуйте её.”



Pouria Zarei is a neo-classical pianist and composer who has practiced and studied classical music for years, and tries to let people bring back comfort and serenity to their minds by composing short calm pieces devoid of any complexity, mostly using "felt piano".

Reviewed by Nagamag on January 24, 2022