Raga No 1. (Bhimpalasi): Afternoon from “The Book of Ragas” by Charu Suri (raga jazz and Sufi). (Video)

The first combination of a jazz trio with Sufi sounds, “Raga No. 1:Bhimpalasi” is an afternoon raga, borrows from modal scales from India and makes it accessible to a Western audience. A brilliantly performed world music with jazzy influences.

Few words about Charu Suri:
The first Indian American jazz composer to premier work at Carnegie Hall, Charu Suri was born in South India and grew up learning both Carnatic music and ragas, and Western Classical music. She was a concert pianist from a very early age and played everything from Chopin’s Scherzi to Beethoven Sonatas by the time she was 14, and won an international piano competition at 15. In 2018, she formed her own jazz band, and started experimenting with using Indian ragas as the basis for her jazz trio compositions. Her “Book of Ragas” and “New American Songbook” program at Carnegie Hall in Dec. 2019 showed two completely different sounds in jazz, and won two Global Music Awards.

Reviewed by Nagamag on July 14, 2020