Ravidrums – Zoom Out (with Fredrik Halland)

“A bit faster tempo synth wave song, with that trade mark snare drum that is getting you to dance instantly. Vocals, specially chorus line is so good, if you don’t start singing it out loud, this song did not moved you the right way. ”


Emmy Nominated artist, RaviDrums, knows a thing or two about creating energetic music, and he has just announced the release of a brand-new studio single, “Zoom Out”. The highly anticipated project features famed Norwegian singer / songwriter and guitarist, Fredrik Halland, who is best known for his collaborations with Justin Bieber, Michael Jackson and Gavin Degraw. Thus, “Zoom Out” is yet another exciting step forward in Ravidrums’ growing music career, and it showcases his ability to create engaging soundscapes and relatable melodies. The track is particularly impressive due to its retro-inspired tones, tipping the hat off to the golden age of synthesizer-driven music: the 80s!

Reviewed by Nagamag on October 2, 2022